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Our Story and Our Purpose


Genuine Leather Wallet Designed in San Luis Obispo California United States of America

Designed in the happiest city in United States of America, San Luis Obispo in California.

A student from California Polytechnic University, studying Architecture had a vision while going to school. His vision fueled him to create something he never knew would turn into a product that a lot of people would want. 

"I had an idea, and thought it would be cool to pursue it so I did. One thing lead to another and now I am creating a business out of Inscribe Wallets. I always thought that I would be working at an architecture firm." - Salem.

Salem utilized all the tools available to him in San Luis Obispo. Not knowing anything about leather, he partnered with people where ever he could to create the perfect product.

"Initially I thought I would be creating the wallet out of woven fabric, so I looked for people within that field. I bought a ticket to a quilting show where I met many older women that taught me the techniques of quilting. It was not exactly applicable to the process of making wallets but nonetheless, it was a blast!" 

Quilting in the city of San Luis Obispo California to make leather wallets

At the quilting show Salem networked with a few people that eventually introduced him to a man that would end up becoming Salem's product mentor and make Inscribe Wallets become what it is today.

Meet Finn. 

Finn from Morro Bay California. Mentor of Salem Ahmed to create Minimal Leather Wallet

"I couldn't have done it without Finn. He helped me through out the prototyping stage. He was always there for support. This man has so much knowledge about leather. He is a one of a kind. There are very few people like him left in the world because everything is automated."


Beginning with a Purpose

Inscribe Wallets was based on the foundation that life should be simple yet profound. We’ve continued to run with that idea to create the ultimate slim and minimalized wallet.

Tailored and Personalized

The compact and slim design of our wallets without sacrificing style is what has made us successful in the eyes of our buyers. After much research about what people felt they were missing in a wallet, we’ve integrated three tools in one to help you be more organized and even more creative.

What We Value Most

We value efficiency and ingenuity. With Inscribe Wallets everything is in one place, including a space for your thoughts and ideas.